New LP – With A Rock And Stone – Out Now

With A Rock And Stone LP

With A Rock And Stone

With A Rock And Stone is an epic bundle of timeless rock music, twisting tales of underwater cities, departed gods, mythical beings, social freedom and the hope of shining diamond heart days.
Set within the worlds of modern day and fantasy, Ranel displays master craftsmanship in songwriting and lyrics, hurling visions of space, myth, magic and freedom into the void of modern day rock music.
With A Rock And Stone merges vintage rock, space rock, progressive, stoner rock, grunge, psychedelic and pop into something stunning and scary.

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New Album Due Mid September

Dean Ranel’s forthcoming album is officially titled With A Rock And Stone and will be
released on CD Baby this week.
All the main digital stores including iTunes and Google, will have the album
available for download by the weekend.

With A Rock And Stone merges progressive, stoner rock, psychedelic, space rock,
grunge and dark pop into something stunning and scary.

Download links to With A Rock And Stone will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Tell Them That You Really Care – Start The Revolution

Tell Them That You Really Care – Start The Revolution?

In Australia, we are not by law, permitted to gather in groups to protest or have a collective voice, the human rights amendment has never been passed. If people do gather to protest, they can be by Law removed and fined with penalty.
All over the world, people are fed up with their governments and corporations misleading them, penalising them and breaching the trust between them and the environment and contributing to massive division of class and money.
Maybe we should be using the law to achieve liberty, rather than protest.

Well Dean has similar things to say, one such thing is this… ‘Freedom comes from within oneself, but knowledge of Law will set us free as a whole, the key to our freedom as a united collective is through and by LAW. It’s not about hate or anger or saying fuck them and the system, it’s about love and responsibility and more importantly KNOWING WHO YOU ARE and using other means to achieve liberties under natural and divine Law.


TELL THEM THAT YOU REALLY CARE is an indie rock with a twist of pop track released by Ranel in September 2013 (Australia) and February 2014 globally.
The song is about: the criminal Government, people behaving ridiculously on the internet, not being legally free to gather in groups to protest (in Australia), thinking you care about your freedom but would rather be watching television, and how incredible it is it when we all stand up for what we believe in.

The music and lyrics suit a setting or theme for an indie movie or television documentary about freedom, democracy and social change.

Have a listen!