Local Looping Guru Making A Comeback

September 17, 2020

Mission Beach resident and musician Pauly P is returning to the live music scene, now that venues start to ease restrictions. Pauly is a renowned local who performs his loop style infused reggae funk around the Mission Beach and Cairns regions. He is also a looping guitar guru. He records his own original music and has hundreds of cover songs in his live repertoire, ranging from folk, funk to reggae and rock. His latest music offering The Blame, was released early in the year just prior to the lock downs. Pauly P is a powerful one-piece show that sounds like a five-piece band, covering many sounds, beats and styles. His live sound is identical to the recordings we hear.

Over the past few months, the lock downs have drastically reduced his performance times. As many musicians suffer due to the closures of live venues, Pauly takes it with a shrug of the shoulder. This time out from live performances has kept him busy writing new material for up and coming shows. Pauly has also been in the studio producing several other artists for their new releases.

Pauly P live at Byron Bay
Pauly P live in Byron Bay
image © Marico Photography

Now with the ease back of restrictions, Pauly has resumed performances, mainly focusing on private parties and smaller licensed venues. He says that the venues are changing their needs, so he must change his music and the way he delivers it. “My repertoire has to change according to the performance venue. I now collaborate with the venues to promote and properly facilitate the new standards put into place” Pauly states. “If it is a small gig, then I cut back on my setup and do a mellow show”.

Pauly doesn’t seem to be worried with the current scenario, he just gets on with it. He has a positive attitude, and this reflects in his music.  Pauly is also an innovator of local and regional music festivals, having performed at many of these events including Byron Bay, Kuranda and Cairns festivals. Pauly is currently working towards putting several small festivals together, in the hope of keeping a strong live music presence in the region. Pauly P is available at all digital retailers. His official website is www.paulyp.com.

Spotify – Pauly P music Australia
Facebook – Pauly P Australia
Official website – www.paulyp.com
Photo courtesy Marico Photography Gold Coast, Queensland