We Have Been Warned – The New Media Bargaining Code

September 24, 2020

Australian News Agencies Have A Cry, At Their Piece Of The Pie

Here we go, media wars in Australia.
What is this new Media Bargaining Code that has been unleashed upon Australians?
The ACC website states “On 20 April 2020, the Australian Government asked the ACCC to develop a mandatory code of conduct to address bargaining power imbalances between Australian news media businesses and digital platforms, specifically Google and Facebook”.

Are Australian News agencies having a big cry because they want a larger piece of the pie?
Giants like Facebook and Google have had a huge impact on our social lives, more and more people are finding the news though these channels.

Here is a look at both sides.
In August of 2020, Mel Silva the Managing Director of Google Australia released a public statement on behalf of Google Australia. She used phrases such as “Your search data may be at risk” “Hurting free services”. Here is the UPDATED document from Mel Silva.
In response to the ACC, Google says the Media Bargaining Code is unfair.
The Australian media sector accuses Google of spreading misinformation.
The Australian Institute responded with their own Open Letter to Google.
Free Tv responded saying  “The ACCC Code is about ensuring a free and vibrant Australian news media sector into the future. This breathtakingly misleading letter is not about consumer safety, it’s about Google maintaining money, control and market power”
Ms Silva made this statement to the  The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Is our data at risk from these media giants?
Do the giants want more money or do they wish to undermine the power of Google Australia?
The wealth of the wealthy is never enough.