Rock n Rolla, theatrical composer, electronic music producer, musician, audio engineer and videographer Dean Ranel is one of the small percentage of independent artists in a ridiculously over supplied market, that has a different smell, and is actually good.
He is an artist who has something to say (in a poetic and stark manner), avoids mainstream controversy, rarely makes public appearance and doesn’t give a toss about how many likes, views, ra ra ras, or opinions are out there.
More importantly, his music is timeless: it is like reading a book, it is a journey, vintage yet fresh and unique (unique as in lyric content, arrangements, composition and production styles). He writes and produces rock and pop music, electronica, avant-garde, classical folk, roots and world styles.
His sound is immediately identifiable as the Ranel/Friends of Man sound. He is also known as the artist (band) Friends of Man.

Ranel invokes the muse with a passion that made the rise of rock music great, that makes music timeless.

Ranel’s 2014 debut album WITH A ROCK AND STONE, is a solid psychedelic space rock pop epic, conjuring themes of magic, myth and satire, and did we mention… it is totally space rock.

His 2017 LP release METATRON : RETURN is a musical galaxy of electro, rock, pop, world, folk, instrumental and vocal soundscapes. METATRON : RETURN is unlike most music releases (period), as the artist is not stuck to one genre and displays absolute creativity.

Some of Deans credits include
  • composer, engineer, producer – Metatron : Return – LP
  • composer, engineer, producer – With A Rock And Stone – LP
  • video director, writer, producer – Lust Inhibitor (music video)
  • video director, writer, producer – Tullea Swimwear Australia (music video)
  • video director, writer, producer – Tell Them That You Really Care (music video)
  • composer, engineer – Media Nomads, Film Australia / SBS Television
  • string ensemble arranger – Contempo string ensemble
  • video director, writer, producer – I Saw You Dead (music video)
  • video director, writer, producer – With A Rock and Stone (music video)
  • recording / mixing engineer – Time On Earth, Sydney
  • recording / mixing engineer – The Follies, Sydney
  • recording / mixing engineer – Soundworks Studios, Sydney
  • performer, producer – 3 Is The Way (Hutchison 3G Australia)
  • video director, editor – Atomic Digital Media (corporate video)
  • writer, director, producer – The Wizards Song (music video)
  • composer, engineer, producer – Friends of Man – Wizards Song (single)
  • writer, director – The Diamond Heart (music video)
  • engineer, producer – 20XII Project (LP)
  • composer, engineer, music director – Stratus (theatre) Arts QLD Cairns
  • mixing/mastering engineer – Bedtime Stories with Aunty Dee (theatre) JUTE/Arts QLD
  • composer, engineer, producer – Ready For Love? (are you) (Single) Friends of Man
  • composer, producer, engineer – The Diamond Heart (single) Friends of Man
  • composer, engineer , music director – Kick Arts Collective/Arts QLD, Cairns
  • video director, producer – The End of All Things (music video)
  • composer, engineer – Ricochet – Sydney Theatre Company
  • composer, producer, engineer – Earth Friend (LP) Friends of Man, Sydney
  • composer, producer, engineer – The Fools that Rule the World (EP) Friends of Man
  • composer, producer, engineer – Light is Too Fat (EP) Friends of Man, Sydney
  • producer, engineer – Lotus (EP), Sydney
  • video director/producer – It’s The Way Friends of Man (music video)
  • composer, producer, engineer – It’s The Way (EP) Friends of Man
  • composer, producer, engineer – Songs for Humans (LP) Friends of Man
  • composer, producer – Stockland Shopping Centres (radio)
  • mixing/mastering engineer – Conscious Fusion (LP) Hot Rubber Glove
  • mixing/mastering engineer – Adahmo (LP) Year Of The Dragon
  • producer, engineer – Reef, Water, Wine (EP)
  • recording / mixing engineer – Juniper
  • producer, engineer – Bleeding Jelly Eyes; (EP)
  • composer, engineer, producer – The One Project (LP)
  • dj, electronic performing artist – Julius Cosmos
  • composer, producer – The Pigeon Suicide, SBS Television


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