Dean Ranel is an artist whose lyrics hit home and whose music has a timeless quality. He composes and produces rock / pop, electronica /dance, avant-garde, folk, classical and world music styles.

From the final words said to man when the ancient gods departed earth, to the eerie soundscapes of Prague and central Europe, to political protests in Sydney, Ranel twists tales of underwater cities, magic, myth, time, satire and hope, bringing his own sound and style into the cosmos.

He is also an audio engineer, videographer, DJ and was also known as the artist Friends of Man.

“Some of the finest music to come out of Australia in over twenty five years”
Indie Initiative, AU

“There were a few moments when I closed my eyes, I could have been at the feet of the great Lou Reed”

Faster Louder, AU

“It’s The Way – an extremely vibey little track, sexy, cool and fresh sounding. This is definitely a potential hit”
Radio OCI, Spain

“Check out ‘Girls from Holland’ which for the best part we’d have sworn had Bowie doing guest vocals with Split Enz”
LosingToday, UK

“Dean Ranel has single handedly molded together an album melded with magnificence and some cutting edge contemporary pizzazz”
Cairns Barfly, AU


Some of Deans credits include

  • composer, engineer, producer – Metatron : Return – LP
  • video director, writer, producer – Century Box (music video)
  • composer, engineer, producer – With A Rock And Stone – LP
  • string ensemble arranger – Contempo string ensemble
  • video director, writer, producer – Lust Inhibitor (music video)
  • video director, writer, producer – Tullea Swimwear Australia (music video)
  • video director, writer, producer – Tell Them That You Really Care (music video)
  • composer, engineer, producer – Media Nomads, Film Australia / SBS Television
  • video director, writer, producer – I Saw You Dead (music video)
  • video director, writer, producer – With A Rock and Stone (music video)
  • recording / mixing engineer – Time On Earth, Sydney
  • recording / mixing engineer – The Follies, Sydney
  • recording / mixing engineer – Soundworks Studios, Sydney
  • performer, producer – 3 Is The Way (Hutchison 3G Australia)
  • video director, editor – Atomic Digital Media (corporate video)
  • writer, director, producer – The Wizards Song (music video)
  • composer, engineer, producer – Friends of Man – Wizards Song (single)
  • writer, director – The Diamond Heart (music video)
  • engineer, producer – 20XII Project (LP)
  • composer, engineer, music director – Stratus (theatre) Arts QLD Cairns
  • mixing/mastering engineer – Bedtime Stories with Aunty Dee (theatre) JUTE/Arts QLD
  • composer, engineer, producer – Ready For Love? (are you) (Single) Friends of Man
  • composer, producer, engineer – The Diamond Heart (single) Friends of Man
  • composer, engineer , music director – Kick Arts Collective/Arts QLD, Cairns
  • video director, producer – The End of All Things (music video)
  • composer, engineer – Ricochet Productions / Sydney Theatre Company
  • composer, producer, engineer – Earth Friend (LP) Friends of Man, Sydney
  • composer, producer, engineer – The Fools that Rule the World (EP) Friends of Man
  • composer, producer, engineer – Light is Too Fat (EP) Friends of Man, Sydney
  • producer, engineer – Lotus (EP), Sydney
  • video director/producer – It’s The Way Friends of Man (music video)
  • composer, producer, engineer – It’s The Way (EP) Friends of Man
  • composer, producer, engineer – Songs for Humans (LP) Friends of Man
  • composer, producer – Stockland Shopping Centres (radio)
  • mixing/mastering engineer – Conscious Fusion (LP) Hot Rubber Glove
  • mixing/mastering engineer – Adahmo (LP) Year Of The Dragon
  • producer, engineer – Reef, Water, Wine (EP)
  • recording / mixing engineer – Juniper
  • producer, engineer – Bleeding Jelly Eyes; (EP)
  • composer, engineer, producer – The One Project (LP)
  • dj, electronic performing artist – Julius Cosmos
  • composer, producer – The Pigeon Suicide, SBS Television


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